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The Beauty Of Apples

If you want apples, you have to shake the trees.

A Tribute To October

The month came and went…it is usually my favorite time of year and I almost missed it! I am glad I was able to

The Carrot

This Summer has been one of many photographic opportunities in which I am very thankful for. One of which was taking a

The Life Of A Cat

Have you ever observed a cat? Have you ever noticed how free they are? This little girl, Zoey, is a fiesty, frisky

Beauty In The Spring

Summer is just around the corner but these beautiful flowers have begun their cycle a month ago. Brilliant and fresh,

May Day

I love all of the seasons however, Spring is exciting because all of the dark, cold dreariness disappears and the

Photo Of The Week

As my world is turning upside down I am trying to find the positive and stick with what I love. As my life is

A Beautiful Friend

She is around twenty years old. She is a loving friend. She is always reflecting such beauty. I have recently realized

The Mist

Mild the mist upon the hill Telling not of storms tomorrow; No, the day has wept its fill, Spent its store of silent

The Pink Ladies

Sensual. Startling. Vivid. Dazzling. Radiant. Beautiful. I recently found this image among my collection of orchid

Three Stages Of Life

I have decided to show this image (captured in Germany) because for me it represents three stages of life and the four


I find myself wondering where my inspiration is lurking…I know its out there but I just can’t seem to grasp


This photograph was captured on my trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada last summer. While visiting a friends new home

First Blog Ever

Ok so techincally this is my first blog. I have never uploaded one let alone for all to see. Its a first for me and