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A small collection of broken things hidden amongst nature now. Photographs were captured on Prince Edward Island,

The Chester Collection

The first image of a collection of misfortune by a seemingly sweet orange kitty…he lives to provide us with sad

Peppertown…The Sound Of The Beatles

Peppertown. A band that does not mimic The Beatles with any gimmicks but provides an honest tribute to the one of the


A corridor of emptiness…where does each door lead? With so many options, I choose the door straight ahead.

Photo Of The Week

Dereliction…something old in a transitional state.

Photo Of The Week

A new project that I am introducing which has the goal of pleasing your eyes and forcing me to continue through my

What Once Was…A Tribute

It is quite amazing to realize the beauty that the cycle of life can bring. A fresh kill created by a family kitten

Menacing Doomsday Devices

These images were all captured during my most recent trip to Albany, New York. A few look like end of the world devices

The Automobile

Although these two images were taken about a year ago, I really feel a connection to them. Green is my favorite color