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A Tribute To October

The month came and went…it is usually my favorite time of year and I almost missed it! I am glad I was able to

Art Nouveau

Brigitte Lutke’s gorgeous art nouveau handmade vases! This shoot was full of laughter but also fun for both of

The Carrot

This Summer has been one of many photographic opportunities in which I am very thankful for. One of which was taking a

The Life Of A Cat

Have you ever observed a cat? Have you ever noticed how free they are? This little girl, Zoey, is a fiesty, frisky


A small collection of broken things hidden amongst nature now. Photographs were captured on Prince Edward Island,

Le Whales

Like all marine mammals, whale’s rugged and adaptable ancestors left the changing environment on land about 55

Sea Life

The ocean helps us listen to the voice of our souls”…and here is the living nature from deep within. A trio

Beauty In The Spring

Summer is just around the corner but these beautiful flowers have begun their cycle a month ago. Brilliant and fresh,

A Magical Experience

An inspirational morning photo shoot with a feeling of warmth & light beaming from the sun. A friend asked if I

The Chester Collection

The first image of a collection of misfortune by a seemingly sweet orange kitty…he lives to provide us with sad

May Day

I love all of the seasons however, Spring is exciting because all of the dark, cold dreariness disappears and the