A day of fun, laughter and explorations. Trucking down to a lesser know conservation area complete with a beach, woods and broken down houses, four of my friends and I decided on the perfect day (a Saturday if you must know ha ha) to get our hands dirty with modeling, exploring and making our out right crazy ideas realistic enough for a photograph. The first stop, a broken two room house. I am not sure what it was originally used for but it contained a partial floor and broken glass windows. Nature was definitely claiming this one for the other section was engulfed in plant life and muck. A chainsaw and beauty model later, we decided to move on. As we were walking I noticed a quick photo op and demanded that my model, Lyns sit on a tree trunk and hold her neck up (for fear of it falling over) for a nice black and white portrait. After a few more varying sessions, we decided enough was enough and headed back to civilization…but of course, before we got there I spotted one more opportunity and what was done was done. Don’t you just love days…you know…Saturdays?PIN IMAGEPIN IMAGEPIN IMAGE

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